Thursday, May 13, 2010


So I've been debating between Nikon and Canon since the beginning when I bought the Canon 7D.  At the time, it was basically better camera body with the Nikon vs better fast prime lenses with Canon.  I had thought that the fast lenses together with the new EOS DSLR and it's new and improved AF system,  I would have a pretty solid setup.  7 months later, after trying various techniques, settings, having the camera calibrated, having the lens calibrated, praying, jumping, hopping ... whatever...  the camera still manages to mis-focus about 25% of the time.  Mis-focusing on STILL subjects.  Recently, I was able to try a friend's D3 (okay, a friend of a friend's) and was just amazed at how accurate the focusing was even in dim lighting.  So last week, I decided to sell off my Canon gear and make the jump to Nikon.  The end result?  A D700 along with a 50/1.4G lens.  So far, everything looks good.  Literally.  Focus is accurate, albeit a bit slower than Canon.  Consistency is good.  So far a happy camper.  The added advantage of a full-frame sensor is also a plus.  Now all that's left is for Nikon to give us some nice prime lenses.  AFS 35/1.4,  AFS 85/1.4 !!!

Here's a sample:
Nikon D700
AFS Nikkor 50/1.4G
f/2.5, 1/100, ISO 6400

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