Friday, September 17, 2010


Traffic light for pedestrians!  Nice.

Colosseum.  No Russell Crowe slaying gladiators with tigers chained up in front of a rowdy and drunk crowd

I secretly think all of Italy's bottled water is actually just a bottle filled with tap water

St. Peter's Church

The Trevi Fountain

People watching.


Planning our next attraction during lunch

Boar meat pasta

Italian police officers with man purses and a funny white helmet.

Raw ham and melon

2 lb steak (has NOTHING on Mastro's though)

On a bus headed to Tuscany

Cinque Terre

I do not know the significance of the padlocks, but the whole mountain side was lined with them.

Seafood risotto.


Piazza San Marco

I love bottled Coke Light.


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